We serve the Jewelry Industry in the United States through bookkeeping and advisory services.

Our pricing tiers are multi-faceted. They depend on the services we provide to you, and the complexity of your business.

Please select the level of services you are interested in from the price table below and we will contact you within 3 business days to customize a proposal for your business and needs.

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For more information on how we sort businesses by levels of complexity, please scroll to the bottom of this page.

Silver Bookkeeping Essentials

Silver Package
$$300*/ MO
  • Reconcile Bank and Credit Cards
  • Single State Sales Tax
  • Monthly Reports to your Inbox
Choose Silver Package

Gold Enhanced Management

Silver Package, PLUS:
$600*/ MO
  • Quarterly Strategy Meetings
  • Enhanced Reporting
  • Budgeting and Forecasting
Choose Gold Package

Platinum Executive CFO

Gold Management, PLUS:
$1200*/ MO
  • Motivating Advisor
  • Monthly Meetings
  • Custom Reporting
Choose Platinum Package

1. Setup

For new businesses or those wanting a fresh start (or re-start). Includes fully customized Xero account to help manage your business: Chart of Accounts, Tax Rates, Get-Paid-Professionally Invoices, Bank Account + Credit Card feed activation and imports, and eCommerce Integration mapping. 

2. Cleanup

When you are not confident your numbers are correct, or have a backlog of transactions to be reconciled. Includes monthly reconciliation and account combing of all Revenue, Cost of Goods Sold, Operating Expenses, Assets, Liabilities and Equity accounts with up to date and finalized reports. 

3. Training

We will train you (and your team) in whatever capacity you will do on your end, whether working with us as part of your team, or doing it all yourself. Includes our best practices for efficiency, being paperless, maintenance and management. Inventory Management, Invoicing, Document Storage + More

4. Bookkeeping

Let us do our expert bookkeeping for you, so you can focus on creating jewelry and making sales. Just like having a master setter guarantee your quality control, we are certified bookkeepers and accountants that care.  Includes real-time bank reconciliation and monthly management reports. 

Not sure where you need to start?

Let's dig in together to find out what is right for you.

Planning + Growth

Quarterly or Annual Strategy Session to establish and formulate a plan for you to implement. Includes 3 year Dream Goals with Monthly, Quarterly, and Annual Milestones, Break Even Point, Sales Goals and Budget.

Break Even Point

Establish the basis of how much you must earn and how many pieces at a price point to sell to cover all your costs including your pay. Is it reasonable and achievable? What is then needed to create a profit?


Motivate your sales and keep your costs in check. Based on the Break Even Point, we will guide you to establish sales goals and expense limits to use as a monthly reference guide. Up to 3 years of monthly forecasting.


Know where you stand. We will verify the correctness of transactions and account balances, tie out the income statement and balance sheet, and review your numbers with you. You always walk away with a plan of action.


Tax compliance for State and Federal Tax Authorities: 

  • Business Taxes
  • Sales + Use Tax
  • Estimated Income Tax Payments
  • Self-Employment Tax
  • Payroll Tax
  • Franchise & Excise Tax
  • Property Tax
  • Personal Income Tax Returns
  • Corporate Income Tax Returns


We love Gusto and use it to help you manage your team.

  • On-boarding is Professional
  • Employees & Contract Workers
  • Teams & Departments in your Organization
  • Pay with Direct Deposit
  • Withholding and Remit to Agency Payments
  • Employee Benefits
  • W-2s & 1099s


We can register and renew most state and federal forms for you. 

  • Local Business Licenses
  • Sellers Permit (Sales Tax License)
  • Dept of Labor
  • LLC Registration
  • EIN application
  • S-Corp Elections
  • Secretary of State
  • State Treasury Requirements

Business Entity

Review your position and goals to select the right entity type for your business. Sole Proprietor, Partnerships, LLCs, S-Corp Election, Corporations advantages and disadvantages. Each state treats entities differently, so we do a cost analysis for your state, so you know the up front and ongoing cost and tax implications. Lawyers don’t know the finances behind entities – don’t leave this up to a lawyer! 

How do we decide how complex your accounting needs are to set your fees?

Limited companies, partnerships, sole traders and branches all have different accounting needs. We consider the number of transactions processed each month, number of accounts that will be managed, number of integrations such as eCommerce websites, number of employees on payroll, tax status, and planning needs. This lets us decide whether your needs are simple, moderately complex, or highly complex. 

Here is a breakdown of how we split business levels into tiers: 


  • up to 75 transactions entered each month
  • Standard Sales Tax Compliance
  • up to 5 employees on payroll
  • 1 eCommerce integration

Moderately Complex

  • 75-200 transactions entered each month
  • Intrastate Sales Tax Compliance
  • 5-20 employees on payroll
  • 2+ integrations

Highly Complex

  • 200+ transactions entered each month
  • Intrastate Sales Tax Compliance
  • 20+ employees on payroll
  • Add-on software integration monitoring